Hello, I am an international gymnast

My ambition is to carry on being an international gymnast all the way to the Tokyo Olympic Games of 2020, via the Commonwealth Games of 2018 on Australia’s Gold Coast, where I returned with a full set of Commonwealth Medals – Gold, Silver and Bronze Mind!  I will still only be 19 in 2020, so I hope my journey continues beyond Tokyo!

I love my sport

So this website is not about me blowing my own trumpet – although it is nice to share my triumphs, and sometimes my tribulations (hopefully few and far between) – but about me introducing you to my sport, and to the virtues of taking up gymnastics. It’s a fantastic sport, and I would strongly encourage any young person to give it a go!

I’d also like to give you an insight into what it takes to become an international and ultimately an Olympic gymnast, which – as I say – I aspire to be.  Any Olympian of any sport works super hard to get there, and gymnastics is no different.

I was born in Basildon, Essex

I now live in Sutton Coldfield – though my family would say I actually live at the National Sports Centre at Lilleshall, in Shropshire, because I spend so much time there!  It’s where British Gymnastics is based, and the facilities are second to none, as you’d expect.

As a tot, I loved tumbling around

At four years old – while watching my older sister – a gymnastics coach noted that I might have a natural aptitude for the sport. It was a happy bonding: I loved doing it, and if I was being encouraged to do it, then happy days.

And it went from there! Since I was nine I have been privileged to have been both an English and British national finalist every year, and have often emerged as the overall champion. And since that age I have also been a member of the Team GB development squad.

But let's fast forward to 2018

In recent years I have represented Team GB and Team England at Junior and now Senior Level.  I was lucky to be selected to travel as part of TeamGB to Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games to gain experience for being part of such a massive event.

I have gained success in UK and European Competitions at junior level, including 3 Silver Medals at the European Junior Championships in Bern, Switzerland with Team GB.  Earlier this year whilst representing TeamGB in the World Cup in Birmingham, I came third with the Bronze Medal – a great feeling as I now only live 5 miles from the Arena in Sutton Coldfield and many of my supporters were able to experience this with me. This was a great boost for me and sent me off to the Commonwealth Games 2018 on the Australian Gold Coast full of confidence. It was a tournament that I will never forget for making so many friends, gaining such valuable experience and returning with a full set of Commonwealth Medals – Gold, Silver and Bronze. I can now say that I am a Commonwealth Games Champion and that sounds so good!



I have a big dream

So between now and the Olympics of 2020 I have much hard work ahead of me, but I have no problem with that. My dream to become an Olympic Gymnast will continue to drive me and as far as I’m concerned, being dedicated is a no brainer – I know that to be in contention, let alone earn selection, ‘dedication’ is going to be my buzzword.

I have a great team

You need a fantastic team around you, and that I have – from my coaches at British Gymnastics, to the wonderful Brett Ince and Christine Still, my coaches at Park Wrekin Gymnastics Club, to my family, without whose support my journey wouldn’t even get past the starting point. I am also really grateful for the support from Team GB Lottery Funding, which pays some of my expenses – and it can get very expensive, what with travel, hotels, equipment to pay for, the list goes on.

But my mum, my sister and my brother are all brilliant, and I cannot ever thank them enough. Especially my mum, who is also my driver for most of the time – but she’s always there for me.